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Wilmington DE chicken restaurant

In 1990, Larry’s restaurant experience and poultry industry knowledge made him a prize for his mentor, Harry Sheppard of the famous Walt’s Flavor Crisp Chicken. Mr. Sheppard recognized the experience that Larry had developed over the years from his time at McDonalds and KFC. He also realized his dream of becoming a business owner. With that, Mr. Sheppard offered Larry a position as General Manager at Walt’s Chicken. Through Walt’s mentorship, they established a father-and-son relationship and instantly took their mom-and-pop operation to the next level.

In 2003, Larry was able to branch out with his wife Beverly — opening their first restaurant, Walt’s Chicken Express of Lincoln Street. With the blessing of Mr. Sheppard, Larry was able to use the original chicken recipe. Today, Walt’s Chicken Express has been around for 20 years and has been awarded “Best in Delaware” title. In 2017, Larry and his wife opened their second location in Carpenter Station.

Chicken restaurant in Wilmington DE

The Originals  –  Mr. Sheppard & Ms. Barbara