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Take out chicken restaurant in Wilmington

Great prices, tasteful food, friendly staff!
— Karen

Great food there food makes them a 5 star business good people that work here recommend this place everybody you have to try the chicken in waffles it’s really good.
— Malik

The second greatest chicken spot in the country.. I don’t say that easily.
— Richard

The chicken is still awesome. This place has been around since I was a little girl. They even have chicken and waffles now. Desserts, sides, and the ice tea and lemonade all good.
— Tanisha

Really love chicken and waffles, it’s one of my favorite meals. Was so excited that my friend brought me here – everyone here is nice and the food is delicious. Want to go back and try the cobbler. Just a heads up, this isn’t a place to sit in and eat, but don’t let that stop you from coming by to get some food.
— Andrea

Incredible Fried Chicken! Best I have ever had. You absolutely need to try this place! I am never ever going to eat at a chain fried chicken place again! The Mash and gravy was a special treat.
— Aaron

The Best Chicken in the WORLD! Hands down.
— Vic

Great polite service and the best part is the food!
— Latoya

Yelp Reviews

chicken restaurant in wilmington de

Wow, Yelp reviewers were right on the mark with their great reviews regarding this restaurant. There was a small line when we arrived but it moved very quickly. The staff were friendly and helpful and allowed me to charge my phone for a while.  Parking is limited on the residential street. The chicken is delicious and honestly some of the best I’ve ever had. It was juicy, moist and the seasoning was perfect with a spicy kick.  I even enjoyed the tasty French fries that came with my chicken meal. I had the three piece and just knew I would have some chicken for later but that didn’t happen because I was licking my fingers after my meal was done. LOL

My goddaughter and I sat outside at their quaint eating area and feasted. However, this spot is more of a takeout spot. I met the manager who was very friendly and humbled when I told him how good the chicken was and about all the positive reviews online. This is definitely a spot I will keep bookmarked to return again when I’m in the area.

The chicken is always good.
The staff is very friendly and always welcoming. I would definitely recommend!

Oh yeah!!! Chicken and hot sauce!
Chicken and hot sauce!  But seriously, some of the best fried chicken in the area.  If you can’t get to Harold’s in Chicago, this is the next best thing

Walt’s is such a tradition.
Talk to any Delawarean and they will say its a must. The only reason you come here is for some really good fried chicken that is unquestionably made with love. Lunch or dinner come ready to eat and love life

Takeout chicken meals in WilmingtonGreat fried chicken.
I grew up on this stuff, and it is the best fried chicken in Delaware. Great hot, but get some extra to eat the next day cold, its just as good Amazing fried chicken. Call ahead when possible, and take it with you. Sides are delicious, biscuits are good, and the desserts are great as well. I do a Walt’s lunch for my homeroom every year to celebrate the end of the year and it is a huge fare for the students – they LOVE it. Great staff as well. You can’t get better fried chicken then this in Delaware or PA, that’s for sure.
2pc dark 1/2 waffle mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. The Claymont location is clean, courteous, and a fair price. The chicken was hot and crisp and not greasy. The waffle was good and the syrup was hot. The corn on the cob was good, I was pleasantly surprised. The mashed potatoes, well, maybe I’ll try a different side next time. The Claymont location i customer service very friendly. The loyalty card is a nice extra

Best chicken around
If you haven’t tasted this good good chicken yet you need to make it your business to go there and take some of that lovely food from chicken tater salad biscuits everything desserts it’s just a beautiful meal.

My co-worker is from Wilmington and I just recently moved here. We stopped here on our way home from work so he could pick up dinner- he said it was the best chicken ever. My boyfriend and I finally stopped there one day and were amazed at how good it was!!! The chicken was cooked to perfection but my favorite was the macaroni and potato salad!!!

Great Fried Chicken
Walt’s fried chicken is terrific! Crispy, not greasy outside and tender, juicy and flavorful inside. The chicken and dumplings remind me so much of my mother’s, rolled and not the dropped biscuit type. Here again, the chicken is tender and flavorful. The sides we tried included mac-n-cheese (very good), collard greens (a little too vinegary for my taste), and red beans & rice (also very good). Parking is a bit tight at Walt’s Express, and the lines long sometimes, but it is well worth the trip!

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